Raddest Photo Trip Ever

Well, its true. I have a new blog. I don’t have ANYthing setup, but I couldn’t be more excited about it! My new years resolution is to try and blog 3 times a week… and if I’m going to do that, it has to look good, right!! Thanks to Katie Lewis for the blog recommendation and Bobby Earle for the inspiration/hounding.

On to what this blog is really about – Cambodia and Thailand!! I just got back a couple days ago from the sweetest trip EVER, so what better way to start the year out than an epic teaser post! I had an amazing time, I can’t wait to hang out with all the RPTE people again in China =)

Nick Simcheck - I have decided that I might hate you for getting the shot of the monks that I so desperately wanted.

Sick photos dude!

Josh Newton - dude… another reason to get a tilt shift!! I was really close to that sign and it really did look like I was taking pictures of just that… sneaky me. Thanks for the comment, you’re the first EVER on my new bloggy blog!!

dylan mayer - rad-i-cool……
nice work mr newton

Tim Newton - Nice!!! I’m subscribed. I want to be first. Erase Nick’s comment. 🙂

Richelle - Yay, you’re blogging!! Not a bad blog post to start with! Love them all but especially the monk one and the little girl in the village. She got a ton of suckers out of me! Love the look of your blog… hope you can keep it up!!

Josh Newton - I know, right?! =P I have needed to blog for a long time now… just haven’t gotten the energy for it. Plus I couldn’t stand the way my old one looked, I never wanted to send people there! I’m stoked for it though, now I’ll be just as cool as the rest of you all 😉

Jen Johnson - Gosh, that last image could be a painting. Gorgeous!

lori yohe - every image in this post is INCREDIBLE. now next time i see you i’m going to be asking you what you shoot with. 🙂

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