Is Twitter at all useful?

So, my good friend Bobby Earle (and AMAZING photographer that I love and adore who is married to someone much more lovable and adorable ;)) recently blogged about twitter, and I found his blog rather interesting. His main thoughts pointing out the benefits of Twitter were thus:

A couple weeks ago, Tim Nosenzo helped me out big timeby responding to something I posted on twitter. I had been looking for a very hard to find lens for about 6 weeks. Because of my twitter updates on the matter, Tim kept his eye open for the lens and emailed me when he found one. Long story short, I got the lens!!

Another time, I was headed out to Australia. I asked if anyone knew of a place within five hours of Sydney where I could find wild Kangaroos. I got a ton of awesome recommendations, but my friend, Steph (from New Zealand), responded and told me about Morriset hospital with thousandsof wild kangaroos! It was a dream come true for me (spent every day in Oz at that hospital – one of the best experiences of my life!)

My friend and fellow photographer, Luke, lives out in Australia (if you’ve never heard of it, it’s a small island off the coast of New Zealand – that’s for my Kiwi friends 😛 ). It’d bereally expensive for me to text him all the way out in Oz. We catch up all the time on there – and then mutual pals likeAmanda in Canada or Bob in England can freely join in on our chats to each other – almost like free group texting! It’s so valuable for this feature alone.

His philosopher friend Garrett Miller (also a bud of mine) wrote a blog in response and here’s what he said:

Bobby’s benefits are genuine fruits of Twitter and worth acknowledging as such, but

Bobby’s benefits ought to be recognized as valuable largely because of their usefulness to Bobby and

that Bobby’s benefits depend strongly on his popularity.

What do you think? It’d be beneficial to read both blogs, they’re full of really good info!

And what is a blog without a photo =) my friends Christie and Brittany decided to come through Santa Barbara on their way up to Seattle, so we had a little photoshoot!

Beverly Lynn - I just started on twitter, mainly because of a good friend. I find it amusing but not entirely that useful. What is your take on it?

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