Alice and Bryan E-shoot in SB =D

Alice and Bryan are a rad couple =) I have gotten to know the Bohlinger family over the last couple years and they are very dear to my heart… and I could not have been more excited when I got asked to shoot their wedding! I’ve known these two for a while and I they are great people and awesome friends. Their wedding is November 30, I can’t wait!!

jamiedelaine - Those last two are ADORABLE. Great session.

Steven Ryne Photography - GREAT SHOTS!!! Such a cute couple!

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Britni and Tim E-shoot!

Here is my most recent engagement shoot =) Britni, Tim and I all went to high school together and it worked out that we could meet up in Huntington beach for some sweet shots! We ate at BJ’s after and it was amazing… I had my first pizooki (YUM) there EVER and I could not believe what I was eating. So good. Thanks Britni and Tim, you guys rock!!

Tess - ok, this is so beautiful and fun.! I adore it. and Bj’s pizookies.!!! HELLO, yumyum.!!!

Danielle - good to see DJ and Bobby are rubbing off on you and you are blogging again! 🙂 LOL! Keep it up, you have amazing work, it should be displayed and shown off 🙂

Footprints in the Sand - beautiful!! 🙂 My fav. is the one where she is in his arms, and the light, and the ocean. awesome work. 🙂 blessings.

Steven Ryne Photography - Great shots again… what can I say? 😉

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My new bike =)

So in the last couple years I’ve been a very proud owner of a 2003 Vespa ET4 and have loved having it around Santa Barbara! But… I’ve ridden a good amount of bikes, also. A dirt bike in Mexico, a BMW 750 in Hawaii for a week, a Harley for a couple days, and then a couple bikes in Peru. I just wasn’t able to take it anymore after going to the Ducati shop for the 4th time this year so I just went ahead and bought one =) It is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made… ever. So thrilling and I love being so free on the road. It has the comfort of a cruiser but the speed and handling of a crotch rocket. Pair that with its 80 horsepower, 0-60 time of 2.9 seconds, ability to hit 55 in first gear, and the wonderfully beautiful aesthetics and prestige that only a Ducati has, and yes I’m in love.
Meet Annabelle Ducati =)

Bobby Earle - She’s a beauty!

Lizzie Photography - very awesomeeee!!!

Josh Stichter - Hey Dude,

We should go ride sometime…I like to hit up the 33 almost every weekend. Check out our google group:

Shyla - Dear Annabelle,

if you weren’t a girl I would marry you and be happy for the rest of my life.

the end.

Troy Grover Photography - Awesome!

Steven Ryne Photography - Great Bike! I myself hope to own a 2009 Harley Davidson VRSCDX Night Rod Special… It’s a sweet bike, unfortunately I’m a long way from it 😉

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Chelsea and Aaron!!

I got the chance to go up to my home, Alaska, and shoot the coolest wedding! It was a two hour drive north to Victory Bible Camp, and it was gorgeous the whole way there =) There were a couple glaciers, huge valleys, vast forests and absolutely no cell phone service! 😉 
The wedding itself was beautiful, also – on the day of the wedding it was pouring rain until literally 20 minutes before the ceremony! The clouds broke and the mountains and sun rolled in, just to say hi for a couple hours! I had a really good time with some old friends, and made some new ones along the way! Enjoy the pictures and the slideshow at the very end. Take care, and until next time!!

Rnormfoto - that shot of the horse is beautiful!

Jessica - wow josh i love looking though all of your pictures. you truly have a calling indeed. i also love how everything you have ever learned has come either from LOST or the office. i have been watching some office while i’ve been in England. Miss you!!

Marianne. - hey your pictures are excellent! I’m a friend of Steph Campos’s at Moody. She told me to check out your work because I’m a fellow photographer. I’m working on a website right now and was wondering what you used to make yours? any tips would be sooo appreciated! thanks! Mary

Bobby Earle - What an AWESOME and RECENT blog post!!!! 😉


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Photoshoots, Disneyland, and Lizards Mouth!

Hey all!! Another little update =) Before I left for Seattle and Alaska, I had some fun in Santa Barbara and LA with some of my friends! Here’s the pictures I’ve been promising…
The following is Janelle Bosko! She’s the co-director of Wonderfully Made and lives with 4 other awesome girls at the “yellow castle” =P I helped them move some stuff around and she expressed interest in learning about wedding photography! She’s shooting her sisters wedding in the fall and wanted to know some tips. She’ll actually be shooting with me this weekend at Brandon and Katie’s Wedding, it’ll be sweet!

We went around SB for an hour or so and had a little photoshoot in a couple different music stores =)

THEN I got to go to Disneyland with my best friends Michael, Aly, Korie and my bro Tim! We had a BLAST!! Disneyland is all about who you go with, and these guys definitely know how to have a good time =)
We were all anticipating the new Indy movie coming out so we of course had to go on the ride a couple times… SO much fun!! (except when Korie was driving… ;))

The Matterhorn was by far one of my favs growing up, and what do you know it still is!!

(What is Michael doing??)
Tim and Korie watching the parade, Korie having the best view out of anyone!
Tower of TERROR!! I had never been to this part of the park before… and MAN did I love this ride. Korie and Tim did too, obviously, as they are both clapping =D

That night I picked up my friend Adrienne at LAX and we went ALL around Santa Barbara that weekend!! We went sailing, watched a couple movies, saw the downtown, and went rock climbing at Lizards mouth! We didn’t solve any puzzles… really, but we still had fun. 

The fog was SICK!!

The *classic* Michael Thompson pose – he LOVES doing this look and I swear I have like 20 pictures of him with this face. Hmm…
Adrienne doing an amazing job recreating the face…
I’m stuck!

I’ll post more up on facebook, so look for them there! Ciao for now!!
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