The Vespa Experiment

The VESPA Experiment – Three Vespas and the truth
I have the most AMAZING opportunity to travel on Vespas from San Diego to San Francisco, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!! For two weeks we’ll just have the back roads and the ocean keeping us company. Jason Reeves, Brendan James, and Amber Rubarth are three incredibly talented artists and I’ve been blessed to have had the chance to work a lot with them. 

We’re only bringing Vespas, a guitar and small piano, and my camera =) We’re going to be camping out wherever we can find a place to put up a couple tents, having concerts in the woods and on top of mountains, and we’re going to have a blast. Not only am I excited to listen to awesome music for 2 weeks every day, I’m excited for what the trip stands for. I’m going to be updating a lot more in the weeks to come, so stay tuned.

Rock on!!

Shannon Renee Photography - That is seriously SO awesome! I’m looking at selling my car and buying a Vespa… so cool to see other Vespa lovers and super spontaneous at that! Have a blast! I can’t wait to see the images!

amynave - So exciting! It’s like the Rock Boat gone Vespa and urban:P Listening to music for two weeks straight, heck ya! What an awesome time you’re going to have, excited to see all the crazy pics that you’re going to capture!

Dylan Mayer - rad-i-cool!!!! kudos

|| davidjay || - This is sick dude!

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iPhone 3.0 update – can’t WAIT!! =)

Thanks to iJustine, here are some of the RAD new things that the iPhone 3.0 update will have!! It will seriously change my feelings for my iPhone… as if I couldn’t love it more.
Enjoy!! Here they are:

• COPY AND PASTE!!!! You double tap on a piece of text and it will automatically place a bubble above it with the option to cut, copy or paste the current selection. To bring up the paste option, you just have to double tap again. To make a bigger selection of text, double tap and then drag where you’d like the text to end. You can also drag this text around. To undo a paste, just shake your phone!

• You can now send more than one photo by copying and pasting them into the Mail app.
• Use landscape (wide keyboard mode) in applications SMS, notepad, mail etc.
• New message app supports MMS! (Really, it’s about time) Send and receive photos through the network.
• Voice memos that you can record edit, share and email directly from the app
• New calendar support! gcal! Subscriptions, .ics format, exchange
• Stock app added news and more details.
• SEARCH IN MAIL!!! finally! ..and other applications: Contacts, notes, calendar, iPod
• New Spotlight home screen that will let you search all of your applications.
• YouTube improvements!! ratings, subscriptions and profiles!
• Notes sync with iTunes, Shake to shuffle, WiFi auto-login, Stereo Bluetooth, parental controls, call log, iTunes account creation, anti-phishing, meeting invitations and more.

hannahelaine - yay for copy and paste! oh and, hey, i don’t know you but….um…i don’t think you wanna be on that flight, dude.

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Recording with Colbie Caillat

So yesterday I got a chance to go with Colbie Caillat to her recording studio! She’s been there every day for the last couple weeks and has a couple more to go! I can’t even begin to tell you how AWESOME her new CD is going to be… I can’t wait for it to be released!
Colbie is one of the sweetest people I’ve met and I’m so glad that we’re friends. I have a LOT of respect for her and she has so much character as a person and artist! I got to show her some of the photos we took in Kauai and they looked so cool printed out! Its always SO much fun to get my digital photos printed huge and see what they look like because its not that often I get to do that!

Anyway, she recorded a couple songs yesterday and I got to hang out there all day =) I had a BLAST – the place didn’t give me much light to work with but I still got some cool shots to show you guys. Enjoy!

Steven Ryne Photography - Wow! You know even though the place wasn’t well lit like you said… Your shots came out GREAT! BIG FAN of your work!!!

Feuza - could not agree more with first comment! what an honor huh to be hanging out with that cool gal and listening in before we all do…very cool
congrats on winning the pro Show it account for life

cindy - You are friends with Colbie Cailat? That is awesome!

Josh Newton - Yeah!! Her and I go back a couple years now =) She played at my college back when she wasn’t very big and thats when I first photographed her. After that we became good friends and we’ve kept up a pretty sweet relationship! She’s honestly one of the coolest artists I’ve ever meet… so kind, sweet, and passionate. Its always great to be around people that love what they do =)

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Phoenix Suns Game!

Last week I got the chance to go to Phoenix for a couple days to do some corporate/commercial photography for a company called ISS Facility Services. They are a huge company and are in all 50 states and also 50 different countries. I’ve loved doing work for them and I always look forward to traveling to their shoots! This one was especially fun because I got a photo pass to take some fun shots of my own 😉 They had their own suite and it was a blast!

Bobby Earle - Let me take back my smack talk on your blogging skills 🙂 You’ve got a ways to go, but you’re doing better 😀


J@KE - dang how did you get to the courtside?! I’ve always wanted to do that! you’re RAD!

Steven Ryne Photography - WOW!!! Again… how do you get these connections! GREAT SHOTS!!! Colors and everything are so SWEET!!!

Shannon McGuire - Jealous. Jealous. Really long lens, or courtside seats?

susan j! - go spurs go

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Kauai and Colbie Caillat

Right now I feel like the luckiest guy in the world! A couple of weeks ago Colbie Caillat and I were talking and we realized we were going to be in Hawaii at the same time! I was shooting a wedding in Maui and so when she offered to let me stay at her beach house, of course I agreed to stop by!! She’s writing her new CD here and it couldn’t be more fun. One of my favorite things about being here so far is that I’ve gotten to listen to her just walk around the house singing to herself and let me tell you… she has an a-m-a-z-i-n-g voice. I’ve gotten a preview of some of the new stuff and its going to be sweet! Anyway here are a couple shots from yesterday, enjoy!!

Everyone wonders what stars do in their spare time… well here’s what we’ve been doing! Listening to you tube, downloading MXC and Grey’s Anatomy, watching funny shows, singing, writing new songs… pretty sick.

The beach house we’re staying at is AWESOME!! This was taken from the front porch… and yesterday it was all rainy but today there isn’t a cloud in the sky!! I went for a run this morning and it was awesome. I’ll put up some pics tomorrow of the mountains so you can see them!! (there are SO many more behind the ones you can see and they’re gorgeous!)

Bobby Earle - THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

So are you still in Hawaii???

Josh Newton - yeah dude!! i have one more day in bliss 😉

Dylan Mayer - why wouldnt you be there? you rock the world

Steven Ryne Photography - Wow! Josh great stuff… I know we’ve never met but it seems like we have a lot of mutual friends so I want to introduce myself 🙂 My name is Steve Chellappa, I’m a new photographer to the industry less than 1 yr old… but I saw you were here in Hawaii, I am currently living on Oahu! I am a Huge fan of your work! Congrats on your success… if you’re ever in Hawaii again, I’d love to try and connect or maybe chat sometime! Thanks for listening and hope we can talk soon, God bless!

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