Abigail and Peter : Seattle Wedding – Sneak Peak

Just photographed an AMAZING wedding in Seattle, it was the first family wedding I’ve ever photographed! I got the chance to be in some of the family formals, definitely a different experience =) Absolutely love these two, congrats Abby and Peter!!

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darla - WOW..So abby…

leah labourde - Love your work!! you are so talented!

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Warner Brothers, Universal Records, CNN, Grace Ormonde, and Thirst International

So… Haiti. I just got back a couple weeks ago and it was an incredible trip. I have SO much editing and organizing to do, but my life is always crazy! Check out the videos and photos here if you haven’t already.

Super secret right now… but just in the past couple hours I’ve written over 60 emails to people about this crazy idea.

CAN’T WAIT to show you all, but we have a lot of sponsors, musicians, and photographers already said they’re in!

Stay tuned =)

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Andy Grammer

I got the chance to photograph a really cool musician a bit ago and I thought I’d share it with you all =)

He actually came to Santa Barbara and performed in my dining room before the shoot – I was completely blown away… he has a lot of talent and will make it really far in the music business. Labels are chomping at the bit to sign him right now, SO stoked to hear a full CD when he comes out with one! For now check out some of his stuff on MySpace, you’ll be stoked you found him before he’s entirely famous!!

Here’s a picture I took that he’s using for his main page – I’m completely honored!

Tim Newton - Wow!!! He’s great!!! Reminds me of Mraz a bit.

Bridgette - YOu are more than welcome, it is easy to say great things about your photos. It shows what a small world blogging is. Finding fellow Alaskan’s on here. I think she writes very interestingly and has amazing fashion sense. I just started following her as well.=)

I live in Belgium, your pics were great. It looks like some of England and Germany..no? Where were they? I have been all over Belgium, as well as been to Ireland, England, Germany, France, Netherlands. With many more to go, been here 2yrs and 2 more left. I am hoping to get as much as I can squeeze in with my work/school schedule and my budget allows. Thank you for stopping by and actually commenting back. That was really neat to see a response from you. Keep up the breathtaking shots. Talk to you soon

This guy sounds good, I agree with the other comment, a bit like Maraz. Which is fresh and natural. I like the Pocket one the best.

Heschle - josh, you are the man. literally. you are a man.

Lim Guo Wen - Hi Josh, great photos, love the colour. By the way, may i know what model that vintage piano is in the photo and where can i get one?

Andy Grammer self titled out today « Yow Yow! - […] Photo cred: Josh Newton […]

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Haiti – how to help

In the next few months, I will hopefully be going to Haiti to help Child Hope International and Discover the Journey – whenever the airports open up and some roads are cleared. If you’d like to help these organizations out, I will be bringing them any donations given to me and putting it into their hands. This is a real chance to help and make a difference over there. Email me at photos@joshnewton.com if you’d like more info.

Haiti is considered a fourth world country. They don’t have many natural resources and consequently can’t import or export many goods. They have an extremely corrupt government, their health care system is lacking in so many ways, there are very few good paying jobs, and most residents have a hard time just finding food and water. So when a disaster like a 7.2 earthquake hits a country that is already desperate, utter devastation ensues.

But there is Hope.

I visited Haiti a couple years ago and stayed at a friends house where they are running two orphanages. I was completely overwhelmed by these kids love for each other and for God. They had such amazing faith and understood Him in a way that blew me away. They were not in the best circumstance when it came to their living conditions, but they have a inner peace and joy that is unexplainable.

There are so many things I take for granted here in the states, and I am completely humbled when disasters like the earthquake in Port-au-Prince happen. It really makes me think about what matters in this life – what I need to put my energy into and what I shouldn’t. I develop a new appreciation for being able to get a good nights rest, have drinking water wherever I go, and know that I have a government that wants to protect me.

Direct ways you can help:

1 – Donate to an organization running two orphanages

When I was over in Haiti, I did a lot of photography for an organization called Child Hope International. It was started by a couple good friends of mine and its truly an amazing organization. They’ve raised about $80,000 already but are going to need a lot more to rebuild parts of both orphanages and also help their neighbors

2 – Help raise awareness

I worked with a phenomenal videographer name Jonathan Olinger while I was in Haiti. He has started a non-profit organization called Discover the Journey. He’s been to over 50 countries the past couple years and has told the story of so many kids that are in dire conditions. He’s risked his health and life many times to help make a difference in this world. I love him dearly and will always have a special place in my heart.

He is in Haiti right now and you can follow his journey there on twitter or donate here.

3. Red Cross

This is a really easy way to help – SMS text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts. They’ve raised over $6 million via text messages and this is always a great organization to help.

4. Pray continually

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.
Speak up and judge fairly;
defend the rights of the poor and needy.”
-Proverbs 31:8-9

Richelle - That’s so awesome that you will be going and helping directly! I will be praying for you and the teams of volunteers. This is such a horrible disaster but it’s amazing to see how many people are stepping up and helping anyway they can.

Shannon McGuire - Beautiful shots, Josh. I’m glad you can go and help. Thanks for the info on ways to help from home as well.

Lotte Lindberg, Sweden - I wish you all the luck! The world would be a better place if there where more people like you. Eventually I´m going to Haiti with a journalistcollegue as soon as the safety is better.

/ Lotte (from sweden, met you in Venice)

Trac - This is awesome! The photographs are all telling. It would be interesting to find a way to help them find resources they can use to continuously sustain themselves.
It’s great that you’re going over there. I don’t know if school supplies helps but we have so much from The Camden Project and I wouldn’t mind sending a ton over.

Kat Kendall - Josh.. Thank you SO much for these pictures. They are absolutely beautiful. The picture of Ari makes me want to cry! It captures her compassion so perfectly! Thank you, thank you!

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