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Fun wedding moments.

So my best bud and roommate Montana Dennis helped me shoot my last wedding in Yosemite. Well, his girlfriend Nicole caught the garter. And instead of cringing like most men, needless to say he was a little excited. And then it was his turn to try to catch the garter. ALMOST got it, but the […]

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Day and Night. Bomb and Ultra Bomb.

Had an absolute blast with these two this weekend – they are a REALLY cool couple and definitely one of the more unique weddings I’ve photographed! They invested a lot of time into thinking about their wedding photography and it definitely paid off! We got to shoot in Chino Hills State Park and it was […]

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My clients are awesome.

I seriously have the best clients in the world, and I don’t say that lightly… 😉 I’ve enjoyed shooting for every single one of my clients, whether it be Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer, Hyatt Santa Barbara, or one of my many awesome weddings. My clients come up with some of the best ideas and I’m […]

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Alaska Engagement Shoot : April and Zac – Sneak Peak!

I absolutely love the outdoors and everything it has to offer – there is nothing like being out in the middle of nowhere just enjoying nature and the quiet peace it brings. And there isn’t another place like in the WORLD to better enjoy nature than Alaska – I love getting to go up there […]

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