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Seattle, Pikes Market, and Alaska!!

I JUST got back from a wedding at Victory Bible Camp in Alaska, but I had to tell you guys about my last week =) Firstly, I had an amazing couple of days in Santa Barbara! I got to hang out with some amazing friends and Eric and I got to ride our vespas all […]

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Hannah and Drew

This was SUCH a fun engagement shoot =) I’ve known these two for a while and I was lucky to get to know them at Jane and Luke’s wedding! We woke up super early for some sun rise shots and then we made our way to Summerland Beach Cafe (an amazing place!) and got some […]

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Insane couple of months!

Well, with the advice of a couple of my really good friends… I’m going to start blogging a whole lot more =) I feel like I can relate to Bobby’s feelings of “who exactly is going to be reading this?? =P But I want to have a really good way to communicate to a lot […]

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Sunrise in Kauai

This was my second to last day in Hawaii, and I woke up around 5:30 to get some sunrise shots =) I loved being out at the beach alone and I spent some much needed time by myself just taking in all the beauty. It actually poured rain on me near the end, but I […]

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Na Pali Coast, Kauai

I got the chance to go out to Na Pali coast the other day, and it was absolutely breath taking. I don’t think my photos represent at all what I was able to see that day, it was sooo sweet =) Its one of my favorite places in the world, and not just because it […]

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