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Free Website!

So my really good friend and colleague, David Jay, announced recently that he is making a FREE version of Showit Sites! It’s not the full version that I used to create my website but there are MANY rad things about it. You can publish 5 pages, host 30MB of data, get a free vanity […]

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Cambodia Update =)

Travels and thoughts in Cambodia Life here is really slow and it’s wonderful. Sometimes it makes me think that this is the way life is supposed to be lived. Just expanding Jesus’ kingdom and loving the people around us. The people who support this children’s center are wonderful and they allow for that to happen. […]

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Bridesmaid Photoshoot

A couple of my friends (who of course all happen to be bridesmaids) decided it would be awesome to do a photoshoot before their wedding, and it turned out GREAT! I honestly had so much fun with this group of girls – they were all hilarious together and I thoroughly enjoyed photographing them =) I […]

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The Vespa Experiment

The VESPA Experiment – Three Vespas and the truth I have the most AMAZING opportunity to travel on Vespas from San Diego to San Francisco, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!! For two weeks we’ll just have the back roads and the ocean keeping us company. Jason Reeves, Brendan James, and Amber Rubarth […]

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