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April and Michael’s Wildfire Wedding in Bend, OR

With the news picking up the wildfire wedding photos, the last week has been a little more exciting than  life usually is. On Saturday, April and Michael’s wedding day started off like any other wedding as the two of them anxiously prepared for the ceremony, while friends and family put the finishing touches in place. Around 11am, a brushfire […]

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Is Twitter at all useful?

So, my good friend Bobby Earle (and AMAZING photographer that I love and adore who is married to someone much more lovable and adorable ;)) recently blogged about twitter, and I found his blog rather interesting. His main thoughts pointing out the benefits of Twitter were thus: A couple weeks ago, Tim Nosenzo helped me […]

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Photoshoot with Amie

This shoot was a lot of fun for many reasons, but the main one was that we didn’t have an agenda or anything we “had” to do – we just wanted to shoot for the fun of it and let creativity take its course. What also made it fun was that over the course of […]

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