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Remembering A Truly Incredible Man.

I will never forget the week that I got to spend with Stacy Taylor. I had only heard stories about him from his daughter, Christianne, and a couple other of my really good friends. I don’t know if I can remember a day that I was with Christianne where she didn’t mention her father in […]

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Kony 2012 – Should we support the cause or not?

I’ve done about 8 hours total of research on this entire subject, and I think I have finally come to some good conclusions. I’ve read numerous reports and articles coming from both sides, and here is what I think. When presented with anything, it’s REALLY good to take a good look at both sides and […]

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Fun wedding moments.

So my best bud and roommate Montana Dennis helped me shoot my last wedding in Yosemite. Well, his girlfriend Nicole caught the garter. And instead of cringing like most men, needless to say he was a little excited. And then it was his turn to try to catch the garter. ALMOST got it, but the […]

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Enough said =) A city where raw steel meet the pacific ocean, where steel planes fly along with the flight of nature. Love it here!!

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