Kony 2012 – Should we support the cause or not?

I’ve done about 8 hours total of research on this entire subject, and I think I have finally come to some good conclusions. I’ve read numerous reports and articles coming from both sides, and here is what I think. When presented with anything, it’s REALLY good to take a good look at both sides and see what the harshest critics are saying. Not only will it make you all the more wiser, criticism should help any company or non profit, whether said well or not. I’ve found most of the criticism uninformed, here’s why.

Is it a good cause?!

Overall, its a really good thing that they’re promoting. If someone came into my house, killed my brother in front of me, mutilated my face, and made me kill my parents, I would hope that SOMEone would fight for me and stand up for justice. If everyone I knew just sat back and watched, saying that if they were to help they’d be interfering with the “law,” that’d be a pretty sad society.

What about all the other evil armies and people in the world??

So, just in case you needed to be reminded, there is a LOT of evil in the world. Everywhere you go actually, you’ll find evil. People don’t like to see the world how it is and its filled with too many horrifically bad people to count. And just because there’s “far worse” evil things going on (even right now), does it make it wrong for ONE organization to go after ONE thing that really matters to them? I don’t think so. In fact, I think it’s our calling as humans to do such a thing. Because if everyone did something like Invisible Children is with the heart they’re doing it with, then the world would be a much better place.

What YOU can do.

Bottom line, if you don’t like the way they’re doing things, then go start a company or non profit that you think WILL do the right things. If you’re going to bash IC, then I hope you’re making a lot of effort to help the poor and needy. Because if you aren’t… then why are you complaining from behind your computer at all? Why say anything?

It happened so long ago, why bring it up now?

Just because this all occurred 20~30 years ago, the worst of it being 10 years ago, does that mean nothing should be done about it now? Sure, don’t paint Uganda as helpless and a horrible place – which the video imo doesn’t do at all. I’m going there this summer and I know it’s going to be beautiful on top of being safe! If we capture him and get him tried because of all this, I’d say that’s a huge success for Kony 2012 and Invisible Children.

I don’t like IC’s spending habits.

So if you don’t want to support Invisible Children with money, you want to give the money to a nonprofit that’s more on the ground. That’s awesome, you can still support their cause! Frankly, the $30 is worth it bc I don’t want to spend the time to print out all their pamphlets (which they’ve allowed everyone to download for free), but you actually don’t have to pay a penny to support stopping an evil person.

It reminds me of the quote… “It’s one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind.” Hopefully this inspires many more to do similar things, with or without the 100 million views on YouTube.

What good does something like this ACTUALLY do??

At the VERY LEAST, I’m sure all of that time and research I put into this made me 100x more knowledgeable about the history of Uganda and whats been going on there. THAT my friends is immensely valuable – and if that’s all IC ended up doing for everyone that watched the video, that alone would be enough to call it successful.

At least we can ALL say we’re smarter than Rush Limbaugh. He said Obama sent in troops to Uganda to kill the LRA Christians trying to protect their country. Hahahaha….


Cory Phillips - I’ve been trying to wrap my head around all the facts and criticism too…great perspective

Daniel Leong - I just thought that I should point out something. Joseph Kony IS the #1 most wanted by the International Criminal Court on a global scale.

jim davis-hicks - I LOVE what you said here. It’s exactly as i feel. One BIG point I think to be made is that IC isn’t a relief org!!!!!!! If thirst relief raised money for water and spent it on Kony that’d be in question, but we don’t. We raise money for water and spend it on water. They raise if for awareness of KONY and the Invisible Children, and that’s what they spend it on!!!!!!

I am inspired and challenged to do a better job leading Thirst Releif! I say we push E Coli 2013!!!!! 😉


Megan - Brilliant, Josh! Excellent assessment. 🙂

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