Enough said =)

A city where raw steel meet the pacific ocean, where steel planes fly along with the flight of nature. Love it here!!

Tim Newton - Love this shot!!! 🙂

Sharmila - Oh, that’s such a beautiful picture!!!
The so-blue sky and the clouds look so heavenly!!

John - I have not been to USA, but some parts of it look beautiful. Especially this one that is captured by your very wide angle lens.

Is it a lens close to 180 deg (ie. close to fish-eye)?

JR - This is a great photo! I’ve wanted to go to Seattle so many times, but never made the opportunity. Did you take a ferry across to one of the islands?

Vin - i’ve been to seattle, just once though. 🙁 i absolutely love it! i think i might just move there LOL! this is a great shot! loves it!

Papilio maackii - wow, really beautiful this picture’
love it 🙂

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