Colbie Caillat Album Cover – “All of You”

Hey everyone! I have a pretty sweet announcement and can’t BELIEVE its for real! A couple of weeks ago my friend Colbie Caillat texted me and asked me if I would be able to throw together an album cover shoot for her!! My heart literally skipped a couple beats and I couldn’t contain my excitement for DAYS! I asked the most incredible photographers and videographer to shoot with me and I had an AMAZING team! We shot from 6am until about 7pm and had such a fun day together. The album cover wasn’t promised, but I just found out it officially got chosen and I’m SOOO excited about it!

A HUGE thank you to Colbie. I have always been one of her biggest fans and she is truly one of the sweetest people I know. A musicians life is amazing in so many ways, but most people don’t understand the hard aspects of being a famous musician. Very long days for months on end, the pressure of staying fresh and new, endless hours in the studio, and the craziness of going on tour. However, somehow… Colbie ALWAYS has time for her fans and is incredibly sweet to them. I’ve known a good amount of musicians that just blow off their fans and get “so over” saying thank you – and for the 4 years or so that I’ve known Colbie, she’s never been rude or mean to a fan.

She has integrity, character, love, passion, and is so talented with her music and writing. She loves her boyfriend with all her heart. She’s funny, smart, and loyal. It’s an honor to be her friend and I am truly grateful for her friendship – thanks Colbie for always believing in me and trusting me with some important events in your life. And with all that, I present to you the official album cover for her third album, “All of you”

Photo by Christianne Taylor and Josh Newton by Josh Newton Photography

A HUGE shout out to Christianne – she helped me out sooo much that day and was a true friend throughout the whole experience. She helped with so many of the logistical aspects of the day and was so much fun to have around! Thanks Christianne, wouldn’t have been able to do it without you =)

Katie Lewis - You rock Josh!!! So proud of you!

Sonja - So Incredibly Awesome!!! You are a beautiful person Josh and for you to say such amazing things about Colbie…she must be a beautiful person too:) Congrats young man!!

Karen Stott - Gorgeous Josh….simply beautiful.

Emma - Stunning. This is exactly what i would picture for her, it works for her personality and her style. GReat job

Heather Alkhateeb - Congrats Josh and Christianne! Beautiful image for a beautiful artist. Bubbly was the first song I learned to play when I got my acoustic guitar and one of my favorites to play still today.

Erin Davenport - Woo hoo!! That’s awesome Josh 🙂 Congrats! Beautiful welcoming photo. <3

Trevor Dayley - Huge felicidades Josh! So super stoked for you!

Wendy C. - Josh you are awesome! Congratulations! I am so honored to have met you at WPPI last week. You did an amazing job stepping in and speaking to the class when Heather was stuck in bad weather. I truly hope we get to meet again one day! And congratulations again on the album cover! It could not have happened to anyone more deserving. Her album cover rocks!

Phillip Marshall - Fantastic! I am so very happy for you. Great story telling us about your friend, Colbie. Oh, did I say that I was happy for you? too cool!

Sara Kauss - So. Unbelievably. Awesome!!!!!!

Tammynize - I love Colbie. This image is beautiful! Congrats.


Denise Nicole - Josh you are unreal!!! And you totally deserve this!!! God has blessed you my friend with an amazing gift! What a gorgeous image for her album cover and I LOVE THIS GIRLS MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!

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