My clients are awesome.

I seriously have the best clients in the world, and I don’t say that lightly… 😉 I’ve enjoyed shooting for every single one of my clients, whether it be Colbie Caillat, Andy Grammer, Hyatt Santa Barbara, or one of my many awesome weddings. My clients come up with some of the best ideas and I’m so stoked to be doing what I do! About a year and a half ago, two of my clients (Amanda and Jason‘s wedding) that I photographed in Orange County made this awesome standing picture frame board-

So then two of my clients in 2010 (Brittney and Thomas‘ wedding) that I photographed in Santa Barbara saw that photo on my website and decided to make their own! How cool is that?? And check out her recreation, I thought it was pretty awesome =)

Can’t wait to see what my clients come up with for this year!! SO sweet 😀

And just for fun, here’s an album cover that I got to shoot for Andy Grammer!! I love photographing for musicians and I just photographed an album cover shoot for Colbie Caillat – can’t wait to show you guys those pics when her album comes out in May 😀

And if you’re interested, check out his video here =) It’s pretty sweet! You can see some of the photos I took in the video, look for what he puts up on the wall!

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