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I’ve made a couple of new years resolutions this year, and I’m excited to see where these ventures take me throughout the year. Part of my drive to change comes from recommendations given to me by friends and associates, another part is just trying out a couple new ideas with a belief that it will help my business in the long run.

So the thing is, I travel a lot. And by a lot, I mean that I feel like the airport is my second home. I usually try to be somewhat productive on flights, but adding books to what I already have to lug around can be a real drag (ha!). So this Christmas I asked for a Kindle! And I’ve already downloaded my first book wirelessly through amazons whispernet and it’s pretty sweet.

The book I decided to get for this flight was recommended by David Jay on his twitter, it’s called Trust Agent. I already can’t wait to blog about what I’ve learned so far, it has a lot of epic info!

Another amazing business decision was getting showit sites – it is an amazing tool that now allows you to publish content to facebook and tag people in that content. Talk about viral marketing at it’s best! Showit is a great tool that can so easily “tell people about who we are and convince them of our value, even if we’re not there.” It can now utilize the social capital of facebook even better.

Dang, that David Jay is such a stud trust agent.

What systems have you put in place to improve your business? Great things come from small changes, don’t ever be afraid of trying new things. Even if it sounds as ridiculous as blogging about a random idea from your iPhone in the Phoenix airport after getting inspired by an electronic book, then tweeting about it.

Nicole Cadman - brilliant request for Christmas!
I’m hoping to get my hands on one as soon as the price falls a bit (bit = lots).
Thank you for keeping is all updated on your fabulous life, that yes, no matter how hard we try, we still find ourselves a bit jealous of… but at least we get to see pictures!

j. shipley - dude, i loves the new blog. and your new year’s resolutions. i look forward to having something to read over here at the joshnewtonblog. yaya. hope to see you soon bud!

Gavin Wade - Hey Josh! Loving your new blog my man. And I’ll check out that book Trust Agent, sounds good! Be well my friend!

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