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Swans Trail Farms Wedding Photos | Washington Photographer | Brittany and Jake

I can’t wait to share Brittany and Jake’s Swans Trail Farms wedding photos with you! Even better, their love story is one to be remembered. Brittany and Jake grew up together, attending elementary school, junior high, high school, and eventually even college together. It was in college that the pair became close friends and began dating.

On the night Jake proposed to Brittany, they made dinner together, a typical date night that didn’t make Brittany suspect anything was out of the ordinary. After dinner, Jake suggested they head to a nearby restaurant–one of their regular spots–for dessert. The two reminisced about their many amazing memories there before Jake moved them on to their next spot–the place he’d first told her he loved her, which was also close by. The memories continued to pour out as they moved from one special spot to another, recalling all the milestones, big and small, within their relationship… All the while, Brittany thought this journey was a coincidence. Jake’s last stop was Kerry Park, where he and Brittany watched the sun set on the horizon before dropping to one knee.

With such a romantic proposal, it only makes sense that their Swans Trail Farms wedding photos would be just as whimsical, tender, and charming.

Swans Trail Farms wedding photosSnohomish Washington wedding photos

Jake and Brittany had one of the sweetest first looks, and Brittany remembers tenderly wiping the tears from her groom’s face when he got to see her for the first time.

Swans Trail Farms first look wedding photosromantic wedding photos at Swans Trail FarmsSwans Trail Farms wedding photosartistic wedding photos at Swans Trail Farmsromantic wedding photos at Swans Trail Farms

Brittany’s amazing bouquet came from Seven Sister Designs, and fit in with the backdrop of Swans Trail Farms and the cloudy Snohomish sky.

gorgeous bridal bouquet from Seven Sister Designs in Snohomish Washingtoncool groomsmen photos at Swans Trail Farmsfun bridesmaid photos at Swans Trail Farmsfun wedding party photos at Swans Trail Farms

Brittany and Jake brought pictures of their parents on their wedding days. It was such a personal touch to their detail-perfect wedding.

fun wedding photos at Swans Trail Farmsgorgeous detail photos at Swans Trail Farmsgroomsmen praying wedding photos

Before the ceremony, the guys took a moment to pray with Jake, celebrating with him on the happiest day of his life.

wedding ceremony photos at Swans Trail Farmswedding ceremony photos at Swans Trail Farms

Loved the huge smiles Brittany and Jake both wore on their way back up the aisle!

fun wedding toasts at Swans Trail Farms

During their first dance, Jake sang the words to the song in Brittany’s ear as the two of them laughed and danced to open the floor.

fun wedding reception photos at Swans Trail Farms

This cake was amazing! It was strawberry champagne flavored.

fun dancing wedding photos at Swans Trail FarmsSwans Trail Farms wedding sparkler grand exit photos

Brittany and Jake’s sparkler grand exit, lined with family and friends, was the perfect end to the perfect wedding day.

Venue: Swans Trail Farms
Videographer: RP Imagery
Caterer: Twelve Baskets Catering
Flowers: Seven Sister Designs
Makeup: Chelsey Matley Makeup
Cake: The Sweet Side
DJ: Radio Parties

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Bacara Resort Wedding Photos | Santa Barbara Photographer | Alicia and Matthew

Alicia and Matthew’s incredible Bacara Resort wedding won’t be soon forgotten. It was a beautiful summer day, and the colors of Santa Barbara, the ultimate location for a destination wedding on the beach, popped. The sky seemed bluer than normal, and even in July, the grass was bright green.

Alicia and Matthew met at a street festival, and Matthew wasted no time in making sure Alicia knew he was interested. The very next day, he brought cinnamon rolls from the best local place to her work, asking her on an official date. These two romantics got engaged in Santa Cruz, where Matthew had a carefully planned proposal on their balcony at the Seascape Resort. One special touch to his proposal was a song he’d had redone from upbeat to slow, so that the couple could dance to it on their wedding day.

Bacara Resort wedding photosBacara Resort wedding photos

getting ready wedding photos

Santa Barbara first look wedding photos

Alicia and Matthew had a sweet first look, with Bacara Resort as the backdrop and no shortage of great spots to stop for photos along the way.

Santa Barbara first look wedding photosromantic Bacara Resort wedding photosartistic wedding ceremony photosSanta Barbara wedding ceremony photosBacara Resort wedding ceremony photos

We had such a great backdrop for family photos, and I loved how vibrant everyone looked in their summer colors.

Bacara Resort wedding party photos

Bacara Resort is filled with an endless amount of great places for photos, and we stopped here for some quick wedding party photos. With the light streaming in behind them, the bright flowers in the background, the the great architecture, no photographer could ask for a better spot to capture this good looking group.

romantic beach wedding photos Santa Barbara

After the group photos, we took a walk along the beach to grab romantic sunset wedding photos of Alicia and Matthew. It was such a clear day, and we had the beach almost completely to ourselves!

romantic beach wedding photos Santa Barbararomantic beach wedding photos Santa Barbara

The light was perfect, and the breeze kept blowing Alicia’s cathedral veil, adding to the romantic walk.

romantic Bacara Resort wedding photosartistic Bacara resort wedding photosBacara Resort wedding reception photos

When we got back, the reception was ready. Every last detail of Alicia and Matthew’s Bacara Resort wedding was perfectly coordinated, thanks to Sophie at Amazing Day Events, and the florals from Simply Bouquets were incredible! The reception was no exception, and everything went off without a hitch.

artistic Bacara Resort wedding photos

After Alicia changed into her reception wedding dress, we grabbed a few more photos around the hotel, showing off the artistic backdrop Bacara Resort has to offer.


wedding dj santa barbara - stunning photos!

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Sugarman Estate Wedding Photos // Maui Photographer // Jennie and Nate

The day of Jennie and Nate’s Sugarman Estate wedding day started, as every wedding on Maui should, with a swim in the ocean and some leisurely snorkeling before beginning the getting ready process for the wedding. This very Maui day was a perfect representation of where it all began for Jennie and Nate.

Jennie, an island girl born and raised on Maui, met Nate when the two were in college together at Westmont in Santa Barbara. Though the two didn’t know each other well while in school, Nate and some friends moved to Maui after graduation, and Jennie excitedly played tour guide over the summer. Jennie showed Nate and his friends all the adventure to be had on Maui, from camping to surfing, motorcycle rides to snorkeling and scuba diving, and beyond. The two developed a strong friendship, and as Jennie returned to school and Nate embraced life after college, the emails flew back and forth. It was no surprise that the two began dating when Jennie graduated from Westmont.

destination wedding on mauimaui beach groomsmen photos

While Jennie and the bridesmaids got ready on the beautiful grounds of Honua Kai Lani, Nate and the groomsmen braved cloudy Maui skies for some epic photos along the rocky beach.

maui beach first look wedding photos

Jennie and Nate had a beautiful first look in the sand, with the trademark teal ocean of Maui behind them. The cloudy skies might not seem like the ideal for a wedding day, but they gave a beautiful, soft light for the first look and added a little drama to the wedding day. 🙂

maui beach wedding photosbeach wedding party photos

Such a fun wedding party, embracing the Maui wedding culture!

maui wedding ceremony photos

destination wedding ceremony on the beach

Jennie wore a pikake lei around her neck for the wedding, which continued to smell great all day!

maui destination beach weddingsugarman estate wedding reception photossunset beach wedding photos

Despite looking so ominous earlier in the day, the clouds made our sunset photos on the beach even more dramatic and beautiful, and after the ceremony, Jennie and Nate slipped back to the beach to take a moment to soak in the day, creating the perfect romantic backdrop.

maui sunset beach wedding photossugarman estate wedding reception photoswedding reception dancing photos

To finish off the perfect Sugarman Estate wedding, Jennie and Nate danced the night away under the Hawaiian sky with their most-loved people.

cake cutting wedding reception photosgrand exit wedding photos

Surrounded by their loved ones, the “just Maui’ed” couple headed off into the sunset.

Venue: Sugarman Estate
Planner: Robyn I’aea
Cake: Mana Foods
Videography: Corbin Iaea
Ceremony Music: Allen Hodara & Moana Anderson
Rentals, Tent, & Lights: Island Rentals
Officiant: Tim Wood
Hair & Makeup: Felice Miller

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Quail Lodge Golf Club // Carmel Wedding Photographer // Abbie and Matthew

It was a summer day, and Abbie and Matthew were getting ready for their Carmel wedding. They’d carefully planned a meaningful wedding ceremony at a local church, to be followed by a high-energy dance party for their reception at Quail Lodge Golf Club in Carmel.

Abbie and Matthew were no strangers to adventure: they’d met in the bustling city of San Francisco, just a few hours away from Carmel. But the adventure really started when Matthew proposed to Abbie as the overlooked the Himalayan mountains in Nepal.

Having a Carmel wedding was the perfect backdrop for their special day, which started with Matthew and some talented friends of the couple readying music for the ceremony.

Quail Lodge Golf Club Carmel wedding photos

Meanwhile, Abbie and the girls were getting ready offsite,

getting ready wedding photosluxury wedding detail photos

Every detail was perfect, from Abbie’s wedding dress right down to her Jimmy Choo wedding shoes.

fun getting ready wedding photos

Abbie and her bridesmaids were so much fun to hang out with on the way to the church! And Matthew and his groomsmen were keeping things fun and adventurous as they waited for the ceremony to start.

church wedding ceremony photos

As Abbie walked down the aisle toward her groom, the light streamed in through the church doors behind her, and Matthew gasped, overwhelmed by the beauty of his bride.

church wedding ceremony photos

I never get tired of seeing how happy my couples are as they walk back up the aisle together. Abbie and Matt were no exception–look at the excitement on Abbie’s face!!

fun wedding party photos

The outside of the church where Abbie and Matthew had their wedding ceremony was a great backdrop for fun wedding party photos. I loved their great energy throughout the day!

old church wedding photosartistic church wedding photos

The light was perfect for Abbie and Matt’s wedding photos outside the church!

beautiful bride wedding photosromantic wedding photos

We stopped in these incredible fields for a few final photos before Abbie and Matthew set off for their wedding reception at Quial Lodge Golf Club. And just as they’d planned, they danced the night away with their family and friends.

Venue: Quail Lodge Golf Club
Coordinator: Heather Anderson Events

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